The Secret for Successfully Selecting Finishes

Selecting Finishes. It’s one of the most common reasons my clients seek my advice through consultation. In this installment of A Standard of Living, I’m going to share my #1 tip for successfully selecting finishes. I see you there! You’re standing in front of the wall of paint chips at your local Sherwin Williams or… Continue reading The Secret for Successfully Selecting Finishes

The BIG Reveal!

The InBeTween Project: Week 6 The big day has arrived! It’s time for the big reveal! All of the DIY projects are complete, the window treatments are up, and room has been styled to perfection! I have to say that when the Tween saw her room, she said, “I can’t believe this is my room!”… Continue reading The BIG Reveal!

Color & Light: A Love Story

Color & Light: The Love Letter Dear Color, You spark such a debate. Some colors elicit such strong feelings (I’m looking at you purple) and some colors are just neutral (pun intended). As a designer, there is no design element more feared and revered than you, color.…And light, don’t even get me started! You are… Continue reading Color & Light: A Love Story