Historical Farmhouse Remodel: Part 2

Historic Remodel Farmhouse Kitchen

The Kitchen

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Challenges & Solutions

One of the challenges with the kitchen space was its location. The kitchen was located in the section of the house where the original addition on the back of the house and the porch addition came together. That meant we had a double beam running the length of the kitchen.

We needed to plan the space so that we did not have a tall cabinet interrupted by the beam. Although we used a shorter wall cabinet, we still needed to cut into the crown molding to accommodate the double beam.

We also had limited space for a dining table and the island. Instead of using chairs all the way around the table, we build a custom banquette seat for two sides of the table and only used chairs on one side. This left enough space between the bar seating and the dining table when both are in use.

The Bathrooms

Challenges & Solutions

In the bathrooms our biggest challenge was space in the master bath. Because the house had a crawl space, we were able to place plumbing wherever we needed. However, we made attempts to locate the kitchen, laundry, and master bath plumbing together.

The master bath required a shower, tub, double vanity, linen closet, and toilet, all in just 76 square feet! We were able to squeeze everything in by using a smaller tub and by bumping the linen closet out into the master bedroom.

Overall, the project was beautiful when it was finished. The look was classic farmhouse with a gentle little nod to life on the water.

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