Kitchen Space Planning Tips

Kitchen Space Planning Tips

The most important part of kitchen space planning is understanding how you will use the space. You need to consider your habits and patterns for shopping, cooking, and food prep. In kitchen space planning you will also want to think about which hand is dominant because items like dishwashers are more convenient for lefties if they are placed on the left-hand side of the sink.

Kitchen Triangle

The two most important concepts to understand for space planning are the kitchen triangle and kitchen work zones. The kitchen triangle is the distance between three key appliances used for most food preparation tasks:

  • Refrigerator
  • Sink
  • Range/cook-top

The kitchen triangle is the “gold standard” in kitchen space planning. It works really well in a smaller kitchen. However, if you have a larger kitchen, you may want to think about kitchen work zones as well.

Kitchen space planning

Kitchen Work Zones

Kitchen work zones take into consideration tasks that are performed together. These tasks are related to food storage, food preparation, and clean up. This means that you will want all the areas that store food (refrigerator and pantry) to be close in proximity. All of the food prep areas (range/cook top, fridge, counter space, pots and pan storage, etc) should be close in proximity. Your sink and dishwasher should be next to each other.

You will still want to think about your work triangle because this will help concentrate the space and reduce the amount of steps you need to take while you are cooking.

Real World Example

This is my kitchen and I show you how I created a great work triangle and work zones!

Key Takeaways

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