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What exactly is a mid-range design budget? And what are the differences between a mid-range budget and a budget-friendly budget? Here’s the thing mid-range isn’t just about the amount of money spent, but the mix of goods used in the project. Typically, a mid-range budget project will still have a mix of ready made, custom, and designer goods, but there will be fewer ready made retail items and more designer and custom made items.

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Budget Guidelines

In my furniture budget guide, the range for a mid-range bedroom budget starts at $20,000, for furniture and accessories only. The grand total for furnishings and accessories for this project was around $16,000, which falls slightly below that range. However, the cost of goods was lower because the client had already purchased custom window treatments, already had a beautiful ceiling treatment, had decided to use the original paint color, and had decided to forego lighting or a ceiling fan for the time being. These would have added significantly to the project.

In this video, decorator Claire Jeffords reviews a project she did with a lot of custom details that falls within the mid-range category. This budget review did not include the accessories in the budget.

Another factor is that this project was a “minimal” contemporary design. We used minimal decor and soft goods for the project. In a more traditional space of this size, I would have included more decorative accents and art. However, the pieces that were purchased for this client were either to the trade brands or they were custom goods.

mid-range budget bedroom with coffered ceilings
Contemporary Coastal Bedroom

The Project

Below are the “before” pictures of the space. This happened to be the last room in the home for which the clients were buying furniture. They built the home in 2015 and worked with an architect to specify the finishes and detail work, like the beautiful coffered ceilings you see in the images. However, they had not yet furnished and decorated the master bedroom, so they consulted me to help them pull the space together.

before image of bedroom
Before: A collection of leftovers from the “old” house

The overall style of the home is contemporary coastal. They have a light blue-gray, gray and white color the palette. The client had shared that she wanted to incorporate navy blue and some bold pops of yellow in the space. I was inspired by the summer afternoon storms that roll across the beaches in southern Florida. The sky can be clear and sunny in one direction and dark and moody in the other. I used the color palette, art, and delicate glass pieces to help tell the story.

mid-range budget bedroom

The Budget

This is how the budget breaks down…

  • Bed: $2,700
  • Dresser:$2,100
  • Nightstands: $1,700
  • Console: $1,600
  • Art: $450
  • Bedside Lamps: $300
  • Dresser Lamp: $150
  • Mirror: $500
  • Bedding: $750
  • Custom Pillows: $450
  • Rug: $700
  • Chaise longue: $1200
  • Accessories: $300
  • Chair: $1500
  • Design fees: $5200

Grand Total: $20,200

chair in corner of coastal style bedroom

Designer Furniture and Accessories

What exactly are designer goods? I tend to think of designer goods as furnishings, finishes, and accessories that are sold to the trade only. This means that the designer usually has a direct account with the vendor and pays a wholesale price for the goods. They aren’t custom, but usually they are pieces to which only designers have access, e.g. brands that one would only be able to see, touch, feel at a design center or at a furniture market, such as High Point. This has changed a bit with the onslaught of online vendors. There are several designer brands that are now selling to online vendors. Something to keep in mind, though, often these online vendors are still charging delivery costs for this type of furniture. This means two things: you are paying a premium for delivery AND you have no input in who that provider will be. I have had some of the worst experiences with delivery providers from online vendors because often they are selecting the cheapest provider they can find

mid-range budget bedroom
  1. Tribeca Bed by Thomas Bina 2. Tribeca 4 Drawer Dresser by Thomas Bina 3. Zuma Nightstand by Thomas Bina 4. Recycled Glass Lamp by Regina Andrew 5. Decorative Bowls 6. Jane Day Bed by Ballard Designs 7. Viera Rug by Loloi 8. Barcelona Chair by Knoll
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