Lamps: How Much Should I Spend?

There is so much variation in the cost of lamps. I’ve see retail pricing upwards of $2000 for a marble and silk number and as low as $25 for a brand new lamp. What is the difference? What are important things to consider? Get ready to learn and see some beautiful lamps at various price points

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Quality & Materials

Everyone knows this is my favorite word. What is quality in a lamp? Does it feel sturdy? What is it made of? If it’s metal, does it feel light or heavy? What type of material is the shade? What do the seams on the shade look like? Does anything seem wobbly or loose?

Assessing a lamp’s quality is fairly easy. Because we have certain standards in the U.S. for the safety of the electrical functioning of lamps, you probably don’t have to worry about a brand new lamp burning your house down. Otherwise, quality assessment is mostly does it look and feel like a quality item. Unlike an upholstered piece of furniture, like an occasional chair or sofa, there isn’t much hidden with a lamp. It’s all there for you to see.

Another factor in price is the expense of the materials used. If the lamp has some very expensive materials, like shagreen or marble or rare woods, it will be more expensive.

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This is probably THE biggest determinant of price on a lamp outside of the. Is it a brand name or a designer lamp? If you’re really into brand names and designer products get ready to spend some money. That being said, designer companies and brand-specific lamps are usually made with higher quality materials.

The Cost of Lamps

If you really want a stylish lamp that is made from higher quality materials you are looking at $150 or more per lamp retail at minimum… Unless you’re regularly cruising through Home Goods and stumble on a great deal!

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