Coastal Glam: Style Breakdown

Coastal Glam: Style Breakdown

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Last week I brought you the Coastal Modern Style, this week, we’re going sleek and sophisticated with Coastal Glam.

A quick review: The major sub-types I use in my Coastal Style Quiz are: Coastal Cottage, Coastal Farmhouse, Coastal Eclectic, Coastal Loft, Coastal Modern, and Coastal Glam. A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post on the fundamentals of Coastal Style, but in this series of style type breakdowns we will really dig into the specifics of each type.

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What is Coastal glam?

Coastal Glam can include contemporary and traditional furnishings and accessories, but the hallmark of the style is BOLD! Glam styles have gusto – bold colors, bold patterns, high shine metals and NOT in small quantities.  If you like stores like Z. Gallerie or furniture lines like Worlds Away and Society Social, then you will be drawn to the Coastal Glam look. The color palette will be bold and bright and may stray from traditional coastal colors. While you may find typical blues and greens, you might also find hot pink and tangerine. Glam style is always a little over the top, so there will be plenty of coastal and nautical themed ephemera. This style can have contemporary and traditional elements. Coastal Glam always makes me think of Palm Beach. Chances are if you love Lilly Pulitzer, you probably love Coastal Glam.

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Formal, Traditional, and contemporary

Like Coastal Cottage, Coastal Glam always feels a little dressed up. It can be somewhat traditional, but the contemporary touches, bold colors and over-the-top accents are what set them apart. Furniture in this style can range from curvilinear and overstuffed to sleek and modern. Lighting fixtures will be bold and have a lot of high shine metals. You may also find colorful ceramics or beadwork in the lighting. The textiles used in Coastal Glam can be boldly patterned and have a touch of kitsch.

coastal glam

1. Ellen Coffee Table by Currey & Company | 2. Aventura Sofa by Interlude Home | 3. Artemis Occasional Chair by Nuevo | 4. Marble Navy with Linen Flange by Lacefield | 5. Riptide Mystic Blue by Lacefield | 6. Modern Classics by Surya | 8. Canaan Lamp by Robert Abbey | 9. Lifesaver Bubble Glass by Phillips Collection | 10. Cora Sculpture by Cyan Design | 11. Gillian Console Table by Bassett Mirror | 12. Ipanema Chandelier by Robert Abbey | 13. Tides Edge Art by Uttermost

Coastal Glam Elements

Typical elements of the glam look can be seen in the board below. They include: sleek surfaces, such as lacquer and highly polished woods, highly polished metals, rectilinear lines with some curvilinear accents, abstract and original art pieces, and natural fibers like linen, sisal, jute, and leather/faux leather. With this style you will see coastal elements come through in the art, accessories, and textures. You can see the elements pulled together in the board below.* You can also get some great ideas on my Coastal Modern Pinterest board.

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Next Week: Classic + Transitional – Get the look!

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