One Room Challenge Part 5: Details and Finishing Touches

One Room Challenge: Part 5 – Finishing Touches & Details

We are coming to the end of this bathroom remodel project! It’s very exciting to see everything come together, but the “big reveal” won’t happen until next week! With the major work complete, I want to spend today talking about the finishing touches and the details in the project.

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Wall Paper

Although it was one of the first items I selected and was really the inspiration for the concept, it was one of the last items to be installed. This is because we didn’t want to risk damaging the paper. Once it was installed it was stunning. You’ll have to wait for the final photos to see, but you can see a close up below.

I know I mentioned in the first post about how much I love this wall paper, but once I saw it in person, I really fell in love with it! The pictures just don’t do it justice. Below you can see a little more detail, but there are delicate pink and gold petals that really add something special to the paper. The paper itself is washable, which is great for a room like a bathroom.

This wall paper is so glamorous and feminine!

Although the wallpaper was one of the first items I specified for the project, the very first thing I purchased was a vanity tray with a peacock. The best part was that it cam from Target! Not long after we moved in I decided to check out our local Target and saw the peacock tray and had to have it. It was like my own little “Welcome to Winter Park” gift. I wasn’t sure where I would use it, but I knew it had to be mine.

For the shower curtain, I used two regular 84″ curtain panels. Unless you have one custom made, shower curtains are usually only about 72″ in length, meaning they won’t touch the floor. This always looks a bit like a kid who’s grown too tall for their pants. To provide a waterproof barrier, I used a clear vinyl shower curtain.

The mirror… This became my trouble spot for the project! Last week I told you all about the typhoon and the interruption to the production of the mirror. Well, I had a hard time finding a replacement that would be available in time.

What’s a girl to do? Well, if that girl has a collection of vintage items and mad skills at re-purposing them, then she checks her “inventory” and gets cracking. I knew what I wanted, I wanted a white lacquer version of a gold bamboo chinoiserie mirror that I already owned. Luckily, I had not found a permanent¬† home for this prized possessions. All it needed was a couple coats of white lacquer paint and we were in business!

My vintage chinoiserie mirror in it’s original gold incarnation.

I think it turned out pretty great! It’s going to look amazing on the wall!

Post lacquering. I think it looks awesome!

Only one more week to the big reveal! I am literally typing this on the eve of the professional photos and I cannot wait to see the magic my photographer works on the space! It’s already styled except for the fresh flowers! Stay tuned!

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Next Week – The Big Reveal!

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