Coastal Eclectic: Style Breakdown

Coastal Eclectic: Style Breakdown

This week we’re getting a little funky and talking about the beachy Coastal Eclectic style.

A quick review: The major sub-types I use in my Coastal Style Quiz are: Coastal Cottage, Coastal Farmhouse, Coastal Eclectic, Coastal Loft, Coastal Modern, and Coastal Glam. A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post on the fundamentals of Coastal Style, but in this series of style type breakdowns we will really dig into the specifics of each type.

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What is Coastal Eclectic?

Coastal Eclectic is probably best described as Scandinavian meets Beachy Bohemian. It has the look of a curated surf-shack. If you like stores like West Elm and Room & Board you will be drawn to the Coastal Eclectic look. The color palette will be a neutral backdrop with bold colors ranging from muted autumnal colors to bright jewel tones, and even pure aquas and blues. This style takes inspiration from international styles and usually results in a well-traveled look.

Coastal Eclectic inspired by beachy surf shacks
Coastal Eclectic brings to mind a well curated surf shack.

Casual, Modern, and traditional

Similar to Coastal Farmhouse, Coastal Eclectic is very casual. It differs in the amount of traditional elements and the addition of modern elements. The traditional elements in Coastal Eclectic are typically in the rugs and seating. However, the traditional elements are limited. Case goods in this style are usually modern, mid-century modern, and international. You will also find a lot of unique lighting fixtures and organic materials. You may also find tie-dye, batik, and woven textiles in the Coastal Eclectic look.

Coastal Eclectic Elements

Typical elements of the beachy eclectic look can be seen in the board below. They include: carved woods in driftwood tones, low sheen and distressed metals, varying curvilinear and rectilinear lines, abstract and original art pieces, and natural fibers like linen, sisal, jute, and bamboo, bright bold color in the textiles. With this style you will see coastal elements come through in the art, accessories, and textures. Coastal eclectic can be maximal or minimal in its aesthetic, knick knacks and tchotchkes are usually personal items that have meaning and are curated over long periods of time. You can see the elements pulled together in the board below.* You can also get some great ideas on my Coastal Eclectic Pinterest board.

1. Nico Cocktail Table by Hooker | 2. Cyrus Sofa by Nuevo | 3. Sola Chair by Robin Bruce | 4. Anya Mist by Lacefield | 5.Bombay Kelly by Lacefield | 6. Havana Cayman by Lacefield | 7. Zahra Rug by Surya | 8. Elixir Table Lamp by Cyan Design | 9. Large Clam Bowl  by Regina Andrew | 10. Turquoise Stupa Vases by Cyan Design | 11. Ridgeway Round Stool by Surya | 12. Whisper Chandelier by Jaime Young | 13. Aqua Blue Art by Uttermost | 14. Exploding Star Art by Uttermost

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Next Week: Coastal Modern!

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