Color Trends from Las Vegas Summer Market 2018

Color Trends: Summer 2018

This is the second of three posts on design trends I saw at summer market in Las Vegas. This week, I’m talking color trends! There are 4 different color trends in this post, the first is a new emerging color, the second is a variation on a popular color, the third is all about patterns, and the last is about the most controversial neutral color to ever grace HGTV. That’s right I’m talking about GRAY.

Dusty Plum

This was the star of the show at one showroom, but I saw this muted medium purple color in several showrooms this summer. Where did this color come from? Remember last Spring when I wrote a post on the Pantone color of the year? That’s right, I think Ultra Violet was the impetus for the emergence of dusty plum as a new color trend.

Dusty plum in a solid velvet and in patterns on these upholstered headboards.
Dusty Apricot

This color is “millenial pink” or blush pink with just a tad more warmth. We were still seeing a lot of the original blush, but there seemed to be the addition of this muted, light orange-y pink.

Dusty Apricot was the color we started seeing pop up during market week.
Gray, It’s Here to Stay!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked, “Is gray going to still be in?” or “Is gray going out of style?” Or worse, people say “I just hate all this gray!! It’s so drab!” Well, I have bad news for the latter because love it or hate it, gray is still the reining neutral. Did I see some beige and creams in Las Vegas? Yes. They were there, steadfast and stalwart, but always paired with a cooler gray. Did I see tan or brown. No. Not even a dash.

However, I did see a lot of driftwood and reclaimed wood, which have a cool gray cast to them. There is still a lot of gray upholstery. I saw gray goods in many different price point and in many different showrooms. So, for those of you who hate it and think it’s drab, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, it’s here to stay. If you’re like me, and love the cool “lift” that gray has given us, then rejoice! You’re favorite neutral is hanging around.

Gray is everywhere. It’s in wood…
It’s in upholstery and textiles…
And in rugs.

Can I predict the future? No, but hanging around a furniture market is the closest thing to a crystal ball I can find!

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