Add Some Sass with Brass!

Brass and gold hardware and fixtures are back in! I know that brass brings back horrible memories of the 80’s. The bright, shiny brass finishes of that era really made us all grow tired of the finish. Today’s brass is different. The “now” metal is a brushed, matte finished version. There are still bright, shiny versions available, but now they’re being paired with deep, rich colors like navy blue and smoky grays. Playing cool colors against the warmer metals dresses up any space. Like the preppy look of brass buttons on a classic navy blue blazer.

You can find the new golds and brasses at any price point. Delta has a few lines that come in “champagne bronze” and Kohler, which is a higher end retail brand, has the modern “Purist” line, which is available in “vibrant moderne brushed gold”, which happens to be my personal favorite. In the high market not accessible through larger retailers, Watermark, Rohl, and Newport Brass offer shinier versions of gold and brass. Watermark, based in Brooklyn, has 4 brass finishes and one polished gold finish. Rohl’s “Inca Brass” is a more classic shiny brass, but the faucets come in contemporary shapes and styles, which breathes new life into the classic. Like Watermark, Newport Brass, offers 4 different brass finishes in various sheens and patinas, and a “French Gold” finish that has a matte champagne look.

Are you feeling this new trend? Or are you feeling like your having a brass flashback? Do you think you’ll be trying out the brass look in your bathroom anytime soon?

  1. Kohler “Purist” 1.75 gpm shower head. $177.
  2. Rohl “Rodello” 6″ raining shower head. price not listed.
  3. Newport Brass “Alveston” in “forever brass”. $675.
  4. Rohl. Avanti faucet. price not listed
  5. Newport Brass “Cube 2” in “satin brass”. $693.
  6. Delta. “Vero” toilet tissue holder. $70.65
  7. Delta. Traditional soap dispenser. $175
  8. Kohler. Purist “Hotelier”. $540.
  9. Delta. 36″ ADA grab bar. $213.
  10. Kohler. Purist 24″ towel bar. $221.

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