Trends in Lighting 2017

If accessories and backsplashes are the jewelry of your home, then lighting fixtures are the earrings of that jewelry. In general a good lighting plan can make a big difference in your space.
Doesn’t this pretty geometric pendant looks like a pair of earrings.
Aside from the more pragmatic purposes, like reading, cooking, getting ready, lighting itself can be used to highlight features in a space. Beyond providing light, lighting fixtures, such as pendants and chandeliers, can enhance the design of a space by continuing the theme or extending the design concept. A great example of this is the use of the “Sputnik” chandelier in a mid-century themed space or the use of agricultural-style industrial lighting in a “farmhouse Chic” themed space.
The metals and glass in lighting fixtures always add some sparkle and help reflect light.
Lighting can be pricey, but compared to other accessories, like framed art and backsplashes, they are very affordable. Great lighting gives you a lot of bang for your buck.
What ways are you using lighting in your space? Can you think of a space that a simple lighting changeout could get you some “style mileage”?

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