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3 Tips for Planning a Bathroom Remodel

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Bathroom Remodel: How to Plan Ahead I know I do a lot of “3 Tips” posts. I’ll be honest, they’re easy. Easy for me to write, but even easier for

Retro Chic Re-Design

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Retro Chic Re-Design This small space re-design was done for a client who wanted a soothing space, but wanted to incorporate some retro mid-century furnishings in the space.   She

3 Reasons Your Design Project Will Have Leftovers

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Material Waste in Interior Design and Decorating People are hot and cold regarding leftovers… Pun intended. When it comes to food I think of leftovers as a meal I don’t

Good Design Takes Time

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The design process is tedious. Well, up front it’s exciting. It goes something like this: You hire your designer. It’s so exciting. He/she has fantastic ideas. You get your drawings

Taking the “Pain” Out of Painting

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The Pain of Painting You’ve been thinking about painting again, haven’t you? I see you there, standing in front of a wall with at least a half-dozen paint samples painted

Awkward Rooms: Finding Balance

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Awkward rooms. Everybody has them. Even the most well designed custom homes. That one room where you just can’t figure out where to put the furniture to make the space

How Much Should I Spend on a Sofa?

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How much should I spend on …. a Sofa? You know the old saying “you get what you pay for?” When it comes to selecting furniture, a truer statement has

Tips for Planning Your Bathroom Remodel Budget

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Planning a Bathroom Remodel Budget If you’ve ever considered a bathroom remodel, you may have wondered why it costs so much. Is it worth it? Or is it just money

5 Things to Expect from Your Interior Designer

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What Does an Interior Designer Bring to the Table? Olympia Dukakis had some of the best lines in Steel Magnolias. One of my favorites was when she said, “the only