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5 Tips for Working with a Designer

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*This post is a revision of a post from 2017 Want to work with an Interior Designer? As we wrap up another year at Paradigm Interiors, I find myself looking

The Truth About Blackout Window Treatments

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Blackout Window Treatments The request for blackout window treatments always makes me a little nervous. Window treatments in general areĀ  a love hate relationship for me. I love them because

ORC Part 4: Bathroom Remodel Installation

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One Room Challenge: Part 4 – Hail Storms, Hurricanes, and Typhoons Are the Hitch in My Giddy-Up Last week I reviewed the project budget with you. This week I’m going

One Room Challenge: Part 2

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One Room Challenge Part 2: Demo Day Demo day was a lot of fun! I thoroughly enjoy doing demolition work! There’s something very empowering about using tools and your own

One Room Challenge: Part 1

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One Room Challenge I have decided to join the One Room Challenge this fall as a guest blogger. It’s very exciting and a little nerve wracking! One Room Challenge is

Bathroom Remodel: Tips for Planning Your Budget

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Bathroom Budgets Budget. The “B” word of remodeling. In last week’s installment, I talked about three key questions you need to ask yourself before starting a bathroom renovation. This week,

3 Tips for Planning a Bathroom Remodel

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Bathroom Remodel: How to Plan Ahead I know I do a lot of “3 Tips” posts. I’ll be honest, they’re easy. Easy for me to write, but even easier for

Retro Chic Re-Design

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Retro Chic Re-Design This small space re-design was done for a client who wanted a soothing space, but wanted to incorporate some retro mid-century furnishings in the space.   She

3 Reasons Your Design Project Will Have Leftovers

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Material Waste in Interior Design and Decorating People are hot and cold regarding leftovers… Pun intended. When it comes to food I think of leftovers as a meal I don’t

Good Design Takes Time

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The design process is tedious. Well, up front it’s exciting. It goes something like this: You hire your designer. It’s so exciting. He/she has fantastic ideas. You get your drawings