Transitional + Classic: Get the Look!

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Transitional + Classic Master Bedroom

This transitional and classic master bedroom was a lot of fun to do! We took notes from Neo-classical design and blended with modern and contemporary elements to create a perfectly transitional look!

College Park Tour of Homes

It was part of a local “Tour of Homes” in the trendy College Park neighborhood of Orlando. The client was someone with whom I have been working for years! This was his final project and he really wanted the “wow” factor. This room delivered! We got so many “wows” when the tour participants came through the house! My client wanted a soothing neutral palette, so I used a great blend of textures to create some visual interest in the space. I wanted to share the “wow” factor with you, show you how I put the room together, and give you a chance to shop the look!

Shop the Look

1.) Robert Abbey “Axis” Flush Mount Light 2.) Connery Queen Upholstered Bed 3.) Hampton 3 Drawer Nightstand, Noir 4.) 007 Table Lamp, Pacific Coast Lighting 5.) Donna with Olive Branch, Noir 6.) Discover Rug, Loloi 7.) Morten 9 Drawer Dresser, Noir 8.) D’Orleans, The Uttermost Company 9.) Melrose Pillow, Melrose International 10.) Noland Table, The Uttermost Company 11.) Claire Sofa, Rowe 12.) Silver and Multicolor Pillow, Loloi 13.) Abstract Decorative Pillow, Rizzy Home

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12 thoughts on “Transitional + Classic: Get the Look!”

  1. Darla Powell says:

    I love the neutral palette here with just a touch of “bling.”

    1. julielampe says:

      Just a litt bling, gotta have some shine!

  2. Rebecca says:

    That’s a beautiful collection of classics! Love the Olive portrait!

    1. julielampe says:

      I love that portrait too. The client had a little collection of classical orders he loved and wanted to use in the space, but I thought the Olive portrait was a great shoppable alternative!

  3. So pretty! That dresser is gorgeous and I love how you layered the greys.

    1. julielampe says:

      Thank you!

  4. Veronica says:

    Gorgeous master bedroom. I love the layered neutrals

    1. julielampe says:

      The clients wanted restful neutrals and that was our number one comment on the home tour, “what a relaxing bedroom!”

  5. LInda says:

    Great info.. thanks for clarifying.

    1. julielampe says:

      Thank you!

  6. Janet says:

    This came out beautiful, Julie! And I LOVE that little silver table…

    1. julielampe says:

      Thank you Janet! This was a great project. The clients loved it and I got a job from the home tour!

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