One Room Challenge: Part 6

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One Room Challenge Week 6: One Bumpy Ride…

Gulp martini. Toss cocktail pick into glass. Saunter off. Sharply turn to face party. “Fasten your seatbelts. It’s going to be a bumpy night.” Raise eyebrows.

I’m feeling as sassy and triumphant as Bette Davis in All About Eve.


This was not an easy project. Everything stayed on budget and on schedule, mostly, but only because I had the “A-Team” of trade professionals. There were days that I had trades scheduled back-to-back. Praying [literally] that nothing went wrong with trade A so trade B wouldn’t need to be rescheduled because that might mean a 2 week delay… seriously my guys stay booked!

Constant vigilance. A lot of planning. Superior professionals. No downtime.

Not to mention that I spent nearly every waking minute on the weekends doing my part. Now, it’s finally here!! After a very bumpy ride, the photos are done and I get to share this little piece of heaven with you!

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I’m ready for my close-up!

The Vanity

I think my favorite part about the vanity is the way the champagne bronze accents play off of the golden metallic color in the wallpaper. The globe style lights are set on a tapered bar, which add a glamorous mid-century touch.

retro glam bath

The Vanity

retro glam bath

Sink detail

retro glam bath

Vanity Sources

Cabinets: White Shaker Vanity by Prime Cabinetry | Hardware: Chapman BR by Worlds Away | Faucet: Trinsic in Champagne Bronze by Delta | Mirror: Vintage | Counter Surface: All Quality Granite in Orlando, FL | Lighting: Jasper Bath Bar in Natural Brass by Kichler | Wallpaper: Dwell Studios for York Wall Coverings¬†“Plume”

Full Vanity Wall Shots

The wide shots of the room give you a view of the gorgeous repeat pattern on the wallpaper. I have gotten a lot of complements on this selection. People really love the soft blue color and the stylized peacocks. It is definitely in keeping with the style and color palette of the house and best of all, it’s not yellow!

retro glam bath

retro glam bath

retro glam bath


“Love is in the details,” as my friend says. This bathroom certainly got a lot of love. From the lighting to the accessories, everything was chosen to tell a story about the space – glamorous, retro, soft, feminine.

retro glam bath

retro glam bath

retro glam bath

Let’s take a moment and appreciate from whence we came…

This is the bathroom at its best in the real estate photos. Here the yellow color isn’t quite as jarring as it was in person. The banana beige and canary yellow had a synergistic effect. The vanity had once been a dark stained wood color, but was painted over in white and had yellowed over time. The bar style lighting, though interesting, was rusted and falling apart. The oversized mirror was losing some of its backing. Not to mention that CARPET… it was… soggy.

ugly yellow bath


retro glam bath

The finished product. Beautiful, bold peacock wall paper. White, well constructed wood vanity with retro hardware. Light gray quartz counter surface. White dual flush, water saving toilet. White lacquered vintage “bamboo” mirror. Beautiful terrazzo floors polished to a shine.¬† Glam globe-style vanity lights. And not a speck of yellow left!

I’d Like to Thank the Academy

My “crack team” of trade pros:

Electrical – Henry Electric

Plumbing – Frank Gay Plumbing

Drywall work – New Ceilings

Wallpaper – The Wallpaper Guy

Terrazzo restoration – Greenwise Flooring

Everything else by yours truly (or my better half)!

All photos (except the yellow one) by Hannah Glogower @ Hannah Glo Photo

I hope you enjoyed this ride with me! It was such a great experience. I’m already trying to decide what room I might do next Spring for the One Room Challenge! My only regret for this project is that I didn’t include video in the blog. I think I had gotten so busy with all of the remodeling projects around the house that I stopped vlogging for a period of time. If you’re interested in following along with our project from start to finish you can check out the vlog on my You Tube channel. The first video is below. Our renovation journey began on closing day by ripping out that awful carpet!

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Next week – Coastal Glam: Get the Look!


8 thoughts on “One Room Challenge: Part 6”

  1. a fantastic wallpaper choice! I have love that pattern for a long time and has it in fabric still waiting to be turned into roman blind or pillows! glad to see it as wallcovering and what a difference it makes in your room!

    1. julielampe says:

      Thank you! The paper was the inspiration piece for the room! Trying to find something bold, but with a soft palette was challenging!

  2. Mazuryk says:

    Wow, what a transformation!

    1. julielampe says:

      Thank you! It is definitely different!

  3. Janet says:

    Absolutely perfect. Everything about this is perfect! Beautiful job, great choices, outstanding results – congratulations!!

    1. julielampe says:

      Thank you Janet! That means a lot coming from you!

  4. Cyndi J says:

    Stunning! The wallpaper is so gorgeous. I love that you restored the terrazo floor. My sister attempted to do that in her 1960s Melbourne, FL, house but too many stains that wouldn’t come out and too many large chips because of tack strips. Do you have after photos of the tub side? I’d love to see the rest of the room.

    1. julielampe says:

      Unfortunately, my photographer did not get any pictures of the tub!! I took one during the process after it was re-glazed, I’ll add it to the page if I can. Trust me, though, it’s nothing to get too excited about! A plain white tub! Terrazzo restoration pros can be miracle workers or not so great… Ours was a miracle worker. He removed most of our tack strips without any issues. Nowadays they just cut the nails and polish them into the terrazzo. We had a couple of areas in closets where there was glue that left a stain, but fortunately it’s just a closet and they will probably polish out the next round.

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