Boho & Bright Girl’s Room


Design Plan

This girl’s bedroom was such a fun project. The little girl for whom the room was designed is a girly girl, but is active and outgoing. She loves the color pink and wanted to incorporate as much of it in her room as possible, but mom wanted to keep the walls neutral. They also wanted to repurpose a few pieces of furniture that were vintage pieces. Her inspiration room was the bedroom of American Girl Doll Julie Albright. She’s also a big fan of the Beatles so I wanted to incorporate some “hippie” elements.

Design Solutions

The wicker hanging chair, peacock paisley fabric, lava lamp, and faux fur accents give the room a boho-psychedelic vibe, but the cool calming colors, vintage bookends (my favorite!), matroishka dolls, and ric-rac details on the storage bins remind you that a little girl lives here. We went with light blue-gray walls in SW Misty (6232), but added an upholstered headboard in bright pink to give the girl the pink she was craving!


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