Autumn Decor Refresh


Fall is in the air! Well, not here in sunny Florida, but we like to pretend we have fall anyway! Everything is pumpkin and pumpkin spice and caramel apple. Have you ever thought about refreshing your home decor for a fall color palette? But you’re thinking, “I don’t my house to look like David S. Pumpkins decorated it?” Or maybe orange and brown just aren’t your favorite colors? Or maybe you think your current color palette won’t work with fall colors?

Just say no to the pumpkins!

I want to show you how fall doesn’t have to be all about the pumpkin! Here are some color ideas to work into almost any palette to give your home a fall feel without all the pumpkin spice.

Before Refresh

Deepen a color you already use. In this example, I took the light yellow color in the art and textiles and switched it for a deeper mustard yellow color. In the art, I combined selected a piece that brought has bright blue, rusty red, and the yellows. The white lamps were replaced with an apricot color lamp and the rug brings in several of the rich fall hues. This a more understated look.

Harvest Gold Refresh

Or you can trade summery aqua for a deep teal as I did in this image. I selected deep teal textiles and rug with a bold organic print in teal and gold. I used deep goldenrod yellow and metallic gold as accent colors. This look has a lot of drama and a little glitz from the gold.

Fall Refresh Deep Teal

Accent pillows are a great way to switch up your palette, but you can also change out your lamps, accessories, art, and even your window treatments to add some fall colors. Below, I found three different pillow combinations at Home Goods in just a few minutes, each in different styles and colors, but all three creating a great fall look!

Deep teal with mustard colored accents in exotic/Middle Eastern patterns.

These pillows have a bold geometric print with rusty reds, goldenrod, and navy blue, giving the sofa a classic American West look.

These pillows have rich apricot and teal colors giving the sofa a traditional look with geometrics and paisley.

Whatever your current palette or color scheme a few small changes will have you fall-ing for in love with Autumn! If you want to schedule a style refresh service, book a consultation with Paradigm Interiors here!


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